Video | Marie B. °°2 | Latex Shower

Marie Brooks showering in full latex latex leggings and latex top in classic black after shooting our last scene. “What a unique sensory latex experience”, she said. As the water cascades down, it dances across the surface of the latex, creating rivulets and shimmering patterns that accentuate the sleek silhouette of the legs and upper body. The water doesn’t penetrate the material but glides over it, making the leggings cling even more snugly to the body. The sensation can be described as a mix of warmth and confinement, with a tension between the skin and the latex, heightened by the pressure of the water. Every movement in the shower results in a soft feeling from the latex material. This intimate mix of water, latex and skin can be deeply sensory, exiting, fun and arousing. Hope you think so too! Enjoy!

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