1. I am using a discount code but the discounted price is not showing in PayPal or in the summary page for final confirmation.
    No worries, after you have confirmed your subscription you will be billed with discount included. If any issues, please contact ShineTight.
  2. How do I cancel my subscription?
    You may easily cancel your recurring subscription from your PayPal account. You will directly after receive a cancellation confirmation
    email both from PayPal and ShineTight.
  3. I forgot to cancel my subscription and now a new payment was made. May I have a refund? 
    No, there are no refunds once a payment is completed. If you believe it is because of a system error, please contact ShineTight.
    Read more about cancellations in Terms & Conditions.
  4. After cancellation, can I still access the content?
    Yes, your account will be active until your expire date. For example, you signed up for 1 month 2019-02-02 and
    then cancel your subscription 2019-02-04. 
    Your will able to watch the content until 2019-03-02.
  5. How do I renew a subscription?
    Simply login to your account and go to”My Profile” in the menu up to the right and choose “Renew your subscription”.
    To upgrade, from for example “1 month Petit” to “6 months Voluptuous”, choose  “Upgrade or change your subscription.”