Video! | NEW model Sofia Maria | Pt. 2

Part two! But first, enjoy the teasing part one!
In a dimly lit kitchen the camera zooms in on the new ShineTight model, Sofia Maria from Sweden! Being her first ever latex experience, she will cook your “sofrito” wearing a translucent olive green and perfect-fit latex catsuit that will shimmer and shine in the low light…

But wait, before that we are of course doing the ShineTight style starting off with a casual look of vintage Levis jeans and a 80:s style blouse… You can even see how warm it is to wear this double outfit initially until the latex is coming to front.

The underneath catsuit, glossy and tight, accentuates every curve as Sofia Maria moving gracefully around the kitchen. A playful glint in her eyes suggests that cooking in a latex catsuit might not be her everyday occurrence…but from now on it might be. Enjoy!

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